What About Guns?

Guns, Guns, and more Guns

As I sit here working at my desk my phone keeps flashing the latest news: 16-year-old suspect arrested for triple homicide of foster family, 2 bodies found at Pittock Mansion, and a horrible church massacre in Texas. Our President is in Asia trying to stop a North Korean maniac from starting a nuclear war.

I was raised in a household with guns. I learned to respect them as a tool. I currently do not own a gun but if I wanted to buy one I am glad that I can. It is my right. It is your right.


Non-gun owners are fearful. That is understandable. Gun owners are also fearful. They fear losing their right to bear arms.

If possible we all need to back away a little and separate my neighbor’s right to have a shot gun from other’s  use of automatic weapons to kill masses of people.

This discussion cannot be deferred anymore. Lives are being lost at an incredible rate. As a result there is a call for people to carry even more guns to protect themselves and others.

Senator Brian Boquist took an important stand when he supported a gun bill that would create a process for obtaining an extreme risk protection order prohibiting a person from possessing deadly weapon when court finds that the person presents risk in the near future, including imminent risk, of suicide or causing injury to another person.

When Senator Boquist did this he was stepping away from party politics to ensure that we and our family members will have an important tool in the future. I admire him for taking an unpopular stand. Senator Boquist fully supports our right to bear arms but realizes that not everyone is a responsible gun owner.

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