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November 9, 2017 – Reflections about our Vets

My father, Herbert S. Morse JR, served in WWII and in the Korean War. He was a medic assigned to the Marines. He was at Iwo Jima when the flag was raised. Later he was offshore of Nagasaki when the nuclear bomb was dropped. Fortunately he came home physically intact. I don’t know how such horrific scenes affected his psyche because I was born later. I only knew the man that came home. He was quick to anger and had sadness behind his smile. I do know that he and other vets in all of our wars before and after leave something behind when they return home. To me it is incomprehensible.

Herbert S. Morse Jr.

Our wars now are harder to define. When did they start? Where are they being fought? Who are we fighting and why? When will they ever end? Who knows? Are we on the brink of another nuclear blast being perpetrated on us this time? None of us knows.

Yet still, with all of these unanswered questions our young men and women step forward and pledge to serve us and our country, and really, the world.

When they return we need to be certain that we care for them. We need to stand by them this time. Our veteran services need a boost and to be expanded. It is not enough to say “Thank you for your service.” We need to demonstrate our gratitude by helping them to heal at every level. We need to make certain that they receive the training they need for civilian life.

I stand by and behind our service men and women. Does our country? It is time to begin again.

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