Put me in the House, please:)

Elect me to the house. No, not to the White House, but to the House of Representatives in Salem.

I am a moderate Republican. I am fiscally conservative and socially moderate.  I am running for office to serve you, to serve Oregon.

I filed to run for Oregon State House District Representative in September, 2017. As time has passed, I am more inspired than ever to win this election. I can help make change. We can make change together.

Oregon is in a tough period right now. Our finances are a mess. We are in crisis. I have the work and life experience to help get us back on track. I have over 25 years of experience in the financial industry. I have a degree in economics. I have managed large groups of people. I can help our state by working with budgets and programs to improve our services while cutting down on un-necessary expenses. My biggest priority is our children: our education system, our foster care system and drug rehabilitation services. If we improve our education system and help stabilize our families, our businesses will have better employees and our economy will be on track for our future. If our children are cared for, we all win.

I have run for office before, so I know the challenges of running for office. It has been made easier because of you, the wonderful people living and working in HD23. I am personally more optimistic and better informed by these interactions.

My desire to serve the people in HD23 has become stronger as I am out in the field. I learn so much from the people whom I meet. You are the teachers for me. I have heard some great ideas and listened to some serious concerns and challenges of rural life in Oregon. I have met with small business owners, business people, elected officials, doctors, nurses, teachers, construction workers, farmers, people who are struggling to keep a roof over their head, winemakers, city officials, union representatives and many more people who make up the tapestry of HD23. I love our district, all of it!

If you are Republican I would be honored if you voted for me in the upcoming primary. I promise you that you will not regret it. If you are not Republican I will see you on the ballot in the general in November. I will have 6 more months to meet you and hear your perspective on what needs to be done in Salem.  I hope I can earn your trust and that you will consider voting for me in the general.

Thank you so much for making our community a warm and inviting home for all.

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