Nearman Has a Conflict of Interest – He is Full of Hate and Anger

I can no longer sit back and watch my opponent, Mike Nearman, attack the hard-working people in our district. My skills and experience make me much better qualified to be the Representative for Oregon State House District 23. However, before you cast your votes, I would like to outline a few of his hardline issues. He is full of anger and hate. He is taking that out on the many hardworking people in our district, in our state.

Mike Nearman is strongly anti-union. He has encouraged his wife to fight the union who represents her. She is employed by the State of Oregon. She has just filed suit against the union that has provided her with the quality pay and benefits that she enjoys as a state employee. She is suing the SEIU because she doesn’t feel that she should have to pay even partial dues.

I have been endorsed by the SEIU because I am willing to work WITH them to resolve PERS issues. I have taken no money from them and they have done nothing to support my campaign.

Unions are not always innocent players. However, without unions, our history shows, that workers would have no benefits, low pay and long hours. The benefits of the unions are enjoyed by people who are not even employed by unions because non-union businesses appreciate the need to treat their workers well. I support business interests and I understand that, at times, unions can be strong armed. This is not helpful to anyone. This is not the case with the SEIU.

Mike Nearman is anti-immigrant. He is on the board of a nationally recognized anti-immigrant hate group. Yes, hate group! The organization is called Oregonians for Immigration Reform. That sounds innocent enough, but it is not. The group uses fear and stirs up anger among people in our state. They distort facts to back up ridiculous claims of immigrant violence.

OFIR tells voters is that the “illegals” are not paying taxes, wrong. They pay income taxes, social security taxes, Medicare taxes, gasoline taxes, property taxes and many other forms of tax that we all pay.

They also say that they are lazy and criminals. This is not statistically valid. The Hispanic people, in particular, are some of the hardest working people I have had the pleasure of knowing. They provide a significant benefit to our economy by harvesting our crops and helping make our wine.  There is a shortage of agricultural workers.

Then there are the DACA members of our economy, many have meaningful jobs. They are teachers, they are medical professionals. They have proven their worth over and over again.

Nearman wants ALL of us to have to prove we are citizens to be registered to vote. His group claims that “illegals” are voting in our elections. There is absolutely no evidence that this is true. This is just another method of stirring up people against their neighbors, yes, their neighbors, good neighbors. A program like Nearman is calling for is unnecessary and would cost hundreds of thousands of taxpayers’ dollars. It would also mean that many people who are legally registered may get lost in the shuffle, especially the elderly.  Our current voting system is working quite well. Mail-in ballots have made it easier for people to legally cast their vote.

Mike Nearman refuses to work with the local press. He refuses to answer calls or to respond to email messages from reporters.

Mike Nearman does not engage with the people in his district. He does not hold town halls. He does not encourage interaction of any kind.

Mike Nearman has a staff member who illegally gave a gun to a convicted felon. Nearman has supported her.

There have been several investigations in to potential Nearman campaign violations.

Now if you have read this far, thanks. I need your support to win in the upcoming primary against Nearman.

  • I have over 25 years of solid financial experience. I can read budgets and I love numbers. I will bring this experience to the legislature in 2019. I am fiscally conservative. I will look for ways to use my skills to sort through current programs, cut those that are redundant and add to important budgets such as our schools.
  • I am part of a farming family and I understand the needs of agriculture. I am also a small business owner, so I understand the many challenges that we all face every day.
  • I support the 2ndamendment. I will not restrict gun owners’ rights.
  • I will work well with the other legislators to arrive at meaningful decisions.
  • I will work with the press to keep you informed of my activities on your behalf.
  • I will hold town halls and I will welcome you to visit me at the capital.
  • I will be a positive force for our state.


Vote for Kris Morse Bledsoe on May 15th.

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