Unfortunately it is the way of the world that political campaigns need financing. Some campaigns spend hundreds of thousands of dollars. I plan to manage a very small campaign. If you donate to the campaign I will not waste your hard earned dollars. I appreciate your support of this important campaign. Thanks!

How will you spend my donation?

I need a minimum of $5,000. to run a solid campaign. My opponent will spend MUCH more. I do not plan to fill your mailboxes with mailers, litter the countryside with signs, or to hire people to call you during dinner time. I do need your help. Your donation will be used frugally and effectively.

How do I donate?

You can mail the campaign a check made payable to: Elect Kris Morse Bledsoe and mail to: P.O. Box 704, Dayton, Oregon 97114

Or you can pay using Paypal:

If you mail a donation please include your mailing address and your occupation, this  is required by Oregon State. If you use PayPal please send us an email with this information, info@krismorsebledsoe.com


How much can I give?

You can donate as little as $1.00 and as much as you may want. You may be able to get a tax credit for up to $50.00 on your state taxes.

If you give $100.00 or more, your name will be visibly listed in the Oregon State public records. If you give $99.00 or less your donation will be lumped with the other smaller donations and will not be easily seen or picked up by other campaigns for their fund raising. This keeps your privacy.