Cannabis In Oregon

I own a very small Cannabis processing business. I only make non-smoking products. I make my products for the benefit of people who may be dealing with pain, anxiety or lack of sleep. I use honey as the base. I am licensed through the state and I only sell to licensed retail stores. I am not a grower and I do not own a store. I have no employees. And no, you cannot buy directly from me…ever!

I am a clinically trained hospital chaplain. In that role I specialized in Oncology. I am also recovering from cancer that was diagnosed 2 years ago. Fortunately, I am now cancer free. I have also served on our local Cancer Foundation Board.

The reason that this enters in to my discussion re cannabis is that many people, maybe you or a family member, have dealt with cancer or another debilitating disease. Many people find that a tincture, such as mine, can reduce their pain and help them sleep. There is some anecdotal evidence that cannabis has held back the progress of the disease or even cured cancer. The stories of the benefits of cannabis, especially CBD, are countless.

We are fortunate to have legalized cannabis in Oregon. However, there are problems, many problems. The OLCC, who regulates the industry, has been given a monumental task. I think they have done as well as can be expected. The staff is amazing and responsive. However, they have not always had clear communication from the state legislature. Some of the rules that they have tried to follow actually conflict with each other. The rules passed on to the cannabis businesses changes daily. It has been a difficult couple of years.

One of the challenges we face here in Oregon is one of too many licensed facilities. We also must address the continuation of “illegal” grows all over the state. The over production has crippled the industry. Then there are the “leaks” across state lines. This is criminal activity and yet the state does not have adequate resources to fight this battle. If we do not manage the industry properly it could fail, or the federal government could step in and shut it down. Oregon State legislators and our congressional representatives are fighting to defend the industry.

If I am elected as House Representative I will work with the other legislators to help build a strong, safe cannabis industry. As the only licensed cannabis business owner in the legislature, I will bring a unique perspective which will help clarify some concerns and questions.

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