Campaign Finance Reform


Kris Morse Bledsoe has filed to run in the Republican Primary in May for the position of House Representative for District 23. She is running against incumbent Mike Nearman. Her campaign tagline is “A Moderate Voice for Radical Times.”

Bledsoe is a fiscally conservative, socially moderate candidate. She would bring considerable financial skills and work experience to the State House.  She is also a clinically trained Hospital Pastoral Care Provider.

Bledsoe plans to bring all of our life experience to help sort through the many financial challenges that face the state. She loves numbers and budgets, and better yet she understands them.

Bledsoe thinks it is time for Campaign Finance Reform. She questions how politicians can talk about being fiscally responsible when they are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to be elected. Bledsoe has pledged to not accept any special interest donations. She will not accept donations from PACs, corporations, or individual donations that will aggregate more than $500.00. She is challenging her opponent to do the same. She will happily accept endorsements from organizations or individuals.

She is the only OLCC Licensed Marijuana business owner running for Oregon State office. She makes non-smoking products to help others reduce pain and to get better quality of sleep.

Bledsoe has a BA in Economics and a Masters in Pastoral Service. She has worked as a bank auditor, a commercial lender, and a financial advisor. She has also served as a Pastoral Care provider at several major medical centers. She is part of a farming family that is located outside of Dayton, Oregon.

Bledsoe has served the local community as a CASA, a member of the Yamhill County Water Task Force, a board member of Protect Grand Island Farms, a board member of Willamette Valley Cancer Foundation, a board member of Yamhill County Improvement District #1 (flood control district), Past Chair of the Yamhill Watershed Council and is a long-term member of the Oregon Farm Bureau.


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