Meet Kris

I have the education, work skills and the personal experiences to represent House District 23. I understand the needs of local farms, small businesses, educational needs and the local medical community. Our district has a unique blend of people and businesses. We need someone who is willing to work FOR the district. I can and will do that. I cannot do it alone. I depend on your input to keep me focused on your needs. It is my plan to be present to the community and not sitting in an office in Salem all of the time. Thank you for the honor of your time.


Professional Skills

FINANCIAL EXPERIENCE:  I love working with and puzzling through budgets. The State of Oregon has a complex and large budget that makes it a challenge to know where tax dollars are spent. I have the skills necessary to understand complex financial issues. I have the economic background to understand the financial consequences of legislative decisions and the potential impact on our local economy.

I have a BA degree, with honors, in Economics. I have worked in the financial industry for most of my career. I have worked as a bank auditor, a commercial loan officer, a real estate loan officer, a consumer banking officer, a financial advisor, and a stockbroker.

I have been responsible for the drafting and review of legal documents. I wrote and reviewed bank lending policies.

PEOPLE EXPERIENCE:  During all of my career I have worked with consumers and managed 100's of employees. I have mentored many young people as they build their careers.

While obtaining my Masters in Pastoral Care I studied counseling. I also received Clinical Pastoral Education to qualify me to be a hospital chaplain. I worked at three different hospitals working with patients with varied religious backgrounds.

I love working with others in a team setting. I have leadership and negotiating skills.


Morse Family

The Morse Family

My early years were spent living on a cattle ranch outside of Creswell, Oregon. My father was involved in local politics. He was instrumental in Mark Hatfield's campaign.

All of us children learned the value of hard work and community service. In the summer I picked beans for the Bartel family. It was a positive and educational experience.

Kris & Steve

My Family Today

My husband, Steve, and I have been married for 45 years. Steve is a retired physician and I am a small business owner.

We have one daughter. She is married and they have two children. Our daughter and her husband are organic farmers. We are blessed to have them living next door to us.  We enjoy our little family community here on Grand Island.

Kris & Sister Masters

My Education

I have been fortunate to have many opportunities to obtain a good education. It started with the Creswell schools. In the 50's we had a basic but well rounded education. My father served on the school board and my mother was always a room mother. Those were much simpler times.

When my older brother had severe medical problems my family was forced to sell the ranch to pay medical bills. We moved to the California Bay area. I was very lucky to receive a full scholarship to a local girls high school. It changed my life and raised my personal expectations.

I then attended UC Berkeley and finished with a BA in Economics at the University of Washington.

The above photo is of me with my sister when I graduated with a Masters in Pastoral Care from Seattle University School of Theology and Ministry.


My Values

The above photo is of the interior of the Creswell Presbyterian Church that my family attended. Pastor Norm Few was instrumental in my faith formation. He preached the basics of Christianity with a heavy emphasis on the Sermon on the Mount. These basic teachings have been enriched by many years of study. However, as I trained for my Chaplaincy the emphasis was not on Christianity, but acceptance of all people and their personal beliefs. I have had the privilege of sitting at the bedside of many and have always found that other people's beliefs are as rich and meaningful as the values taught to me in the little Creswell church. I do not believe that the State should sit in judgement and deny the individual's personal beliefs and important life decisions.

Talk To Me

The only way I can effectively represent Oregon House District 23 is if I am in touch with you, the voter. Send me an email and let me know your dreams for the future of our beautiful state. Thanks!